About Us


TRIAD LogoBrevard County TRIAD, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. TRIAD and its many organizations and business partners work together to develop programs that address the issues of our growing senior population, as identified at the regional SALT Council meetings. The local Brevard County TRIAD, Inc. is a partnership agreement between the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, local Law Enforcement agencies, and the State Attorney’s Office. Nationally, TRIAD comprises the AARP, the National Sheriff’s Association, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

National Associations of TRIAD, Inc. (NATI) was formed in 1988 by an agreement between the National Sheriff’s Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police and AARP. NATI is operated out of the National Sheriff’s Association in Alexandria, Virginia.

Members of the Office of the State Attorney and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office created Brevard County TRIAD, Inc. in March of 1998. TRIAD is a partnership between many different organizations; tasked with identifying and developing programs to address the needs and concerns of senior citizens in Brevard County. Issues such as personal safety, health concerns, transportation needs and others have become important topics as our senior population nearly doubles over the next 30 years.